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March 07, 2008



Good words.

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I think an excellent way to teach our children to be humane and the best way of solidarity with the people.

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I hope that little girl doesn't have to work so hard to get grains of rice to all her family.

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Only 20 grains ? what a shame...

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This is very sad :( only 20 grains of rice..

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Is very worrying this situation... This people suffer much for the food =(

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All the efforts to prevent these kind of disgraces are welcome, good job!

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20 grains at time ? thats very insulting...

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Nice labor, thanks for help people that need food.

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Very interesting idea and good way to help the people.

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It's a wonderful charity, it would be good to do this around the world.

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Wonderful project, it's nice can help other people.

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Excellent blog about Fighting Hunger 20 Grains of Rice at a Time!! I love all the articles you have, you have done an excellent job with the information on them.!!!

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Very informative post about Fighting Hunger 20 Grains of Rice at a Time! Keep the nice job. We would love to see more.

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He decided to partner with the World Food Programme, and when the site debuted in October, it donated 10 grains of rice for every correct answer.

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20 grains? Hmm I think you should increase it.

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Quite a shame.. Your just using this program to drive traffic to your website. tsk!

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He decided to partner with the World Food Programme, and when the site debuted in October

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