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March 05, 2008



Good for Drew. te

I've been an environmentalist most of my life, and it surprises me
that even eco-types will run out to Target when a holiday slips up
on them and buy some toxic-laden product that's made with child
labor! Okay, so a lot of us do make the effort to either make something
nice, or find a fair trade shop, etc., but I'm thinking we need to log
websites and shops nearby where we can reliably get a socially
responsible gift at the last minute. I've found a few. One of my
favorites is The reason is, they're focused
exclusively on gifts, so I don't have to click a bunch of links for
wholesalers before I find a retailer AND more importantly they
screen their companies to make sure they're socially responsible.
With all the greenwashing out there, I want to make sure I'm supporting
real green companies and real fair trade companies instead of McBigBox
in disguise. Anyway, has organic flowers, fair trade
chocolates, all sorts of nice gifts for Mother's Day.

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